Yu Bao

Position title: Graduate Student

Pronouns: he/him/his

Email: ybao29@wisc.edu

B.S. 2014
Peking University
Headshot of Yu Bao

After graduating with my BS degree from School of Life Sciences at Peking University in 2014, I spent the next year doing some teaching in my hometown, Tongling City, a small and cozy place. My curiosity and interest for biochemistry, especially the molecule machines, drove me to do some exciting science using cryo-EM techniques at the National Center for Protein Science in Shanghai under the mentorship of Dr. Yao Cong. I was lucky to be enrolled in the IPiB program at UW-Madison to get deep training to be a biochemist from 2017. In Bob’s lab here, my research focuses on the well-tuned pausing process of RNAP.

My name ‘Yu’ means ‘rain’ in Chinese, but I prefer warm and sunny days. Apart from PC games, I love history and archaeology, especially ancient Chinese writings. I like to do some sports, like table tennis (like a real Chinese) and hiking. It is fun to be here in Madison and learn about so many new things all the time.