Allison Czora

Position title: Undergraduate Student


Phone: 608-265-8709

headshot of Allison Czora

I was born and raised in Rochester, New York and moved to Rochester, Michigan for my high school years. Growing up, I knew that I wanted to be a scientist and I decided to attend UW-Madison due to the abundance of research opportunities available to undergraduates. I entered college as a Genetics major and as part of the CALS Honors in Research Program, and decided to add a double major in Statistics during my first semester, as my interest in data analysis grew. In my second semester I joined Dr. Robert Landick’s lab, excited by the opportunity to gain both biological and computational skills through work on an independent research project under the mentorship of Dr. Michael Wolfe. My research focuses on understanding the role of RNA polymerase binding protein CarD in transcription initiation in Zymomonas Mobilis, a candidate for biofuel production. I am looking forward to a career in research and plan to attend graduate school to study Genetics or a related scientific discipline.

Outside of lab, I enjoy attending Badger Football games, exploring Madison’s food scene, watching movies on the Terrace, and being outdoors. When I get the chance to visit home, I enjoy spending time with my Westie, Buddy, baking, and cooking new recipes for my family.