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Robert Landick
Charles Yanofsky Professor
of Biochemistry & Bacteriology
5441 Microbial Sciences
1550 Linden Dr.
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI 53706-1567

Ph. 608 265 8475
Fax 608 262 9865

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Landick Lab News

Welcome to the Landick Lab

Our research focuses on (1) RNA polymerase, the central enzyme of gene expression in all free-living organisms; (2) mechanisms by which gene expression by RNA polymerase is regulated and can be re-programmed for biodesign; and (3) applications of these basic research advances to microbial biotechnology and to antibiotic discovery. Our basic research focus is to understand how the fundamental properties of RNA polymerase, largely conserved from bacteria to human, make it susceptible to pausing, arrest, or termination and how elongation regulators, nucleoprotein structures, and metabolic, developmental, and environmental signals alter these properties. We use a variety of approaches, including genetics, biomolecular chemistry, synthetic biology, systems biology, biophysics, and structural biology, to study both fundamental and applied paradigms of gene regulation. Lab members develop and apply expertise on one or more approach to both individual and collaborative projects. Follow links here to learn more about our research and our lab.

Check out our latest publications

Ray-Soni, A., Bellecourt, M. J., and Landick, R. 2016. Mechanisms of bacterial transcription termination: All good things must end. Annu. Rev. Biochem., 85, 319-347.

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