Recent Publications

A full list of publications from our lab can be found here.


Lan F, Saba J, Ross TD, Zhou Z, Krauska K, Anantharaman K, Landick R, Venturelli OS. 2024. Massively parallel single-cell sequencing of diverse microbial populations. Nat Methods. In press.


Marshall B, Amritkar K, Wolfe M, Kaçar B, Landick R. 2023. Evolutionary flexibility and rigidity in the bacterial methylerythritol phosphate (MEP) pathway. Front Microbiol. 14, 1286626.

Lan F, Saba J, Qian Y, Ross T, Landick R, Venturelli OS. 2023. Single-cell analysis of multiple invertible promoters reveals differential inversion rates as a strong determinant of bacterial population heterogeneity. Sci Adv. 9, eadg5476.

Delbeau M, Omollo EO, Froom R, Koh S, Mooney RA, Lilic M, Brewer JJ, Rock J, Darst SA, Campbell EA, Landick R. 2023. Structural and functional basis of the universal transcription factor NusG pro-pausing activity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Mol Cell. 83, 1474-1488.e8.

Kang JY, Mishanina TV, Bao Y, Chen J, Llewellyn E, Liu J, Darst SA, Landick R. 2023. An ensemble of interconverting conformations of the elemental paused transcription complex creates regulatory options. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 120, e2215945120.

Malone BF, Perry JK, Olinares PDB, Lee HW, Chen J, Appleby TC, Feng JY, Bilello JP, Ng H, Sotiris J, Ebrahim M, Chua EYD, Mendez JH, Eng ET, Landick R, Götte M, Chait BT, Campbell EA, Darst SA. 2023. Structural basis for substrate selection by the SARS-CoV-2 replicase. Nature. 614, 781-787.

You L, Omollo EO, Yu C, Mooney RA, Shi J, Shen L, Wu X, Wen A, He D, Zeng Y, Feng Y, Landick R, Zhang Y. 2023. Structural basis for intrinsic transcription termination. Nature. 613, 783-789.


Hustmyer CM, Wolfe MB, Welch RA, Landick R. 2022. RfaH counter-silences inhibition of transcript elongation by H-NS-StpA nucleoprotein filaments in pathogenic Escherichia coli. mBio. 13, e0266222.

Zhang Y, Myers KS, Place M, Serate J, Xie D, Pohlmann E, La Reau A, Landick R, Sato TK. 2022. Transcriptomic data sets for Zymomonas mobilis 2032 during fermentation of ammonia fiber expansion (AFEX)-pretreated corn stover and switchgrass hydrolysates. Microbiol Resour Announc. 11, e0056422.

Cao X, Landick R, Campbell EA. 2022. A roadmap for designing narrow-spectrum antibiotics targeting bacterial pathogens. Microb Cell. 9, 136-138.

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Cao X, Boyaci H, Chen J, Bao Y, Landick R, Campbell EA. 2022. Basis of narrow-spectrum activity of fidaxomicin on Clostridioides difficile. Nature. 604, 541-545.